Don't get caught on camera unprepared

In previous blogs we have talked about the “bad guys” and all the things they do to trick us; but sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.  Our world is moving more and more into online video meetings for business, education, and personal purposes.  NGT would like to remind everyone to be mindful of the possibility that an online meeting is in progress when you walk into a room.

Please be alert and respectful when entering a room and starting a conversation.

  1. The microphone will pick up additional voices – be careful of what you say.
  2. The camera can pick up additional people walking in – be careful of your actions.
  3. Be understanding of other’s privacy and always speak and act with respect.
  4. Communicating face to face transfers a lot of information that isn’t even verbal. Your body language can display emotion as well as your eye contact.
  5. General rule of thumb is to be respectful always – don’t get caught in a touchy situation.

Please feel free to reach out to NGT with any questions by going to to call, email or chat with our help desk staff!