Are you waiting on those last minute presents to arrive? If you are anything like me, you may have even forgotten where you’ve all ordered from in the past week. This is an issue bad guys are fully aware of and are taking advantage. A new email phishing scheme we are seeing is an email that looks exactly like a tracking email you’d get from a vendor, UPS, etc, however the link connected to your tracking number is a bad link.  What can you do if you are unsure of an email you’ve gotten? Here are some steps in making sure you are staying safe:

Check to make sure you know who it’s from:

  • Like other phishing emails, these fake shipping notification emails will come from an address that appears to be correct until you look a little more closely.  While a legitimate email from UPS would come from, a fake email may come from  This looks legitimate, but it is a fake domain. The below picture is an example of what these phishing emails look like:


Copy and paste your tracking number:

  • It may be safest to copy the tracking number they send you and going directly to their website to track it.  Going directly to UPS/FedEx/USPS to check on your tracking number will be the safest route to check on your package. If it was a fake tracking number, the number will not be found on those sites.


If you’re not sure, please feel free to reach out to NGT by going to to call, email or chat with our help desk staff!