CEO, Brian Blodgett, discusses with KIOW Radio how to protect your home and business from attacks.

The ‘bad guys’ have sure been busy! They are attacking our homes and businesses, they are stealing our money and information using various tools to trick us.  So what do you do?

As you see we have started a series of episodes and over the next month we will continue to provide information about who the bad guys are, what they are trying to get, how they do it, and most importantly how we can help prevent it.

Throughout the series of blogs you will find some common themes.  One of these is to make sure you know who you are talking to.  Listen to a quick snip from the KIOW radio interview on this topic by CEO Brian Blodgett. (Post Removed)

The full article can be found on KIOW at – POST REMOVED

I’m still worried, what do I do?

Contact NGT, we are glad to provide some advise as to how to proceed.

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