We sometimes get comfortable with products that we know. We like certain items from the grocery store that have been a staple in our home. It might also be reassuring to sit down at the computer and pull up what has always worked for us in the past. Now comes the, HOWEVER. . . In the world of technology, we need to keep up with current safety updates.

If you are still using Internet Explorer as a browser, it’s time to stop. Microsoft and other agencies such as Homeland Security have advised against using Internet Explorer due to security concerns. Check out these reasons to choose a browser other than IE.

  1. Microsoft has warned users that a critical vulnerability in Explorer allows cybercriminals to hijack computers that are running the program. Even keeping the browser on your computer and not using it can be risky. The simple solution? Remove it.
  2. Lack of support from Microsoft. The tech giant has chosen to support Edge rather than IE because of the significant gaps between new releases and version updates in IE.
  3. Internet Explorer has had frequent vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are easier to exploit and results in security issues.
  4. There are better and safer options. Which browser should I use? Some of the better-known options include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. There are other options. Do your research and find what works best for you.

Please remember that keeping your system up to date is crucial to your online safety. Using an outdated system can expose you to risks. YOU can be the best defense.  Choose wisely.

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