NGT wishes you a happy and SAFE Holiday Season!

As you do your holiday shopping and prepare to spend time with loved ones, please remember that Christmas is a prime time for bad guys to take advantage of holiday shoppers. Please be on the lookout for these common scams:


This scam involves a buyer or vendor apparently paying you too much for a purchase or reimbursement. They will claim they have accidentally or intentionally overpayed you and that you should send the outstanding amount back to them in the form of wires, cash, check or gift cards. The trick is, they haven’t overpayed you, although they can make it look convincing. Please talk to your bank before you reimburse anyone for overpayment.


Be extra careful where you shop online this holiday season. Fake online stores are all over and can be very inticing, offering deeply discounted prices on items like electronics, jewelry, and clothing. Social media ads are often the path that can link you to bogus online stores or product listings. 


No one wants to miss a delivery of a Christmas gift for a loved one. Bad guys know this, and can send fake texts and emails about missed deliveries. Instead, those links will send you to a site to steal your information. Always use known delivery sites to track your packages.


Gift card scams are varied, but almost always involve fake gift cards or using gift cards as payment for fraudulent services. Gift cards are nearly impossible to track, so they make a great cash alternative for bad guys. Never pay someone for services in gift cards and always buy your gift cards from trusted services or stores. Also be wary of any messages that tell you your gift cards are expiring. Those links could be trying to steal your information.

Stay safe out there this holiday season and as always, NGT is here to help!
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