A little while ago, we had a user bring an external hard drive into one of our store fronts.  They noted that the unit was not showing up on their computer properly.


Technician – “So what is on this drive?”

User – “Backup of my pictures.”

Technician – “So these are copies of the pictures on your laptop?”

User – “No, I deleted them, this is my backup.”

Technician – “Is this the only copy?”

User – “I guess it is then . . . . “


I am afraid this is a common conversation with users.  I always get worried for them having the possibility of losing their pictures, files, QuickBooks, or whatever they are storing.


The good news, we were able to recover the data from the drive!!!  We and the user breathed a sigh of relief!


So what can we learn from this and other experiences?

  • Always have at least 2 copies of your data
  • Know where you data is / stored.  Sometimes with cloud drives, network storage and external devices we might not realize we only have one copy.
  • Keep data in another physical location in case of fire, flood, or theft.
  • If you have drive issues and are concerned about data loss, STOP what you are doing and get professional help.  The more you ‘mess around’ with the equipment the harder the recovery can become.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to NGT.


How do I get help?

Follow this link to email, chat, or call: http://www.ngthelp.com