The saying goes, passwords are like a good cup of coffee. Here is what they have in common:

  1. They should both be fresh and brewed often.
  2. They both shouldn’t be shared.
  3. They should both be STRONG!

In previous episodes we talked about how the bad guys are tricking us. Another way the bad guys get into our systems is by guessing our passwords. That’s why it’s important that your password is strong. 

1) Fresh and brewed often:

The bad guys get lists of passwords from compromised systems. If you use the same passwords for your email as you do for your online banking, and your online game and the bad guys get one, they will try to get into everything else with that password.

2) Shouldn’t be shared:

Do not give your password out to others. If you receive a phone call from a “company” asking for your password, hang up and call that company back with a number you know is legitimate. Chances are, that company doesn’t actually need your password and it’s a spam call.

3) Strong: 

Here is a list of bad, weak, and strong password options. 

Bad Passwords


My name= bad idea


This one is commonly used and easy to guess.


Keyboard keys in order. The bad guys know this trick.

Weak Passwords


My name with one change. This is not very strong.


Not long enough.


A college and year can easily be looked up and guessed. 

Strong Passwords


Something that has nothing to do with me and it’s a long password.


Random characters from:


It means: I graduated from Wartburg College in Nineteen Ninety 4

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