Ransomware and the hijacking of accounts and data is still on the rise and has been going on for years now. In past blogs we’ve talked about items to help mitigate the risk of falling victim to ransomware. You should be diligent about having adequate backups, using up-to-date browsers, and good passwords as well as other smart computer safety practices. All of these are great, but the journey isn’t over. The process of protecting yourself and possibly your staff or family is a constant evolution as the “bad guys” are never slowing down on ways to trick and steal your information and data.

NGT is always learning and on the alert. We’re working to increase our cybersecurity awareness. We are constantly updating the training we offer and can simulate in your business environment. Training and practicing phishing attacks are important to educate and see who is most vulnerable to these horrible events. Unfortunately, security is only as good as your weakest link, and this shows true time and time again.

Training doesn’t have to be boring, and we prefer it not to be! NGT does both in-person training and offers videos with fun pictures and graphics that add to the experience. We do everything from tabletop exercises to flipping the script and going through what the bad guys are looking for. We try thinking like the bad guy to learn more about what security measures are important and why.

In our last blog we announced the addition of some free training and informational videos to our website and YouTube page. The free videos are great resources to use to strengthen your knowledge of computer use and security. We look forward to adding more as we learn more. As we said earlier, the process of being secure and using the best practices possible is constantly changing. We look forward to helping you with this journey!

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As always, NGT is here to help!
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