Next Generation Technologies is in the business to keep its clients safe, and knowledge is the best protection.  We want to be proactive in letting you know how to protect yourself especially in light of worldwide CYBER ATTACKS on the rise.

Who are the bad guys?

They are general organized crime, and they are GOOD at what they do.

What do they want?

They want our money or our information (which is worth money).

Who do they target?

They target everyone.  They target small and large businesses alike.

Don’t think your business is too small to be a target.
NGT has seen several 1 or 2 person offices attacked.

How do they get it?

They trick us:

  • They call and pretend to be someone asking for information including our passwords.
  • They send an email from people we know but with a fake reply address and trick us into giving up info and/or changing bank accounts.
  • They send an email with links and trick us into filling out forms and giving up info.
  • They send emails or call us and trick us into installing malicious software.

They get our passwords:

  • They guess our password because we make “easy to guess” passwords
    (ex. Password123)
  • They trick us into giving our password to them.
  • They get one of our passwords and then gain access to other accounts because we use the same password for many different logins.

How do we stop them?

  • Always ask yourself, do I really know who I am talking to?
    • “Trust No One”
  • Create longer passwords and do NOT reuse between systems.
  • Know what data you have, know where it is, and know it is backed up somewhere out of the reach of the bad guys.
  • Implement TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (the text message with a code that you get when logging on).

Regardless if it’s personal or business related, NGT will be glad to answer questions about what we would recommend doing next if you have a security concern.

If you have any questions or anything that you need help with, please feel free to reach out to NGT @ for our help desk staff.