As you are aware, the world is experiencing major turmoil with the Russian invasion into Ukraine. CISA (Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency) has put out several statements to ensure that we stay vigilant with our online safety. NGT realizes that we have highlighted key areas of protection in previous blog posts, but they warrant repeating over and over as they are crucial in the fight to keep our networks and any online activity safe.

We might envision a group of “bad guys” overseas hacking away at our systems (which is true – it does happen), but we are sometimes our own worst enemy. A study conducted by Tessian and Stanford University in 2020 found that 88% of data breach incidents were caused by human error. Nearly half (47%) cited distraction as the top reason for falling for a phishing scam, while 44% blamed tiredness or stress. Stay ALERT, stay FOCUSED, and stay PREPARED.

The key areas to focus on include: 

  • Apply patches and security updates 
  • Use strong passwords and change them often – don’t reuse passwords
  • Use multi-factor authentication 
  • Teach phishing awareness, and always question embedded links.
  • Use antivirus software and ensure that it works 
  • Know your network
  • Backup your network – and regularly test backups 
  • Be mindful of third-party access to your network and supply chains 
  • Have an incident response plan 
  • Brief the wider organization about cyber threats – keep them up to speed on current events

Regardless of whether you or your company is working with NGT or not, these and many other items are all part of a strong INFORMATION SECURITY PROGRAM.  If you are interested in more information, please contact us at 

NGT can provide an NIST risk assessment within a few minutes and discuss where the ‘low hanging fruit’ is and how we might help. STAY SAFE!

As always, NGT is here to help!
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