Information security is just as important for small businesses as it is for large corporations. In fact, small businesses may be at greater risk of cyberattacks because they often lack the resources and expertise to implement effective security measures. A data breach can have a devastating impact on a small business, potentially leading to lost revenue, damage to reputation, and legal consequences.

It’s essential for small businesses to prioritize information security and take steps to protect their data, but with smaller budgets and fewer staff, it’s often difficult to know where to start.

Enter the NGT Information Security Starter Pack!

The NGT Information Security Starter Pack is a free-to-download one document Spreadsheet that guides you in ten easy steps to help create your Information Security Program. It’s simple to follow and includes many free resources to help you begin securing your small business.

The ten-step process will allow you to document what you have, determine risks, and take action to protect your assets.

You can download our new Information Security Starter Pack HERE!

By downloading and using this free resource, small businesses can reduce their risk of a data breach and ensure the safety and security of their sensitive information.

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